New York Explorer Pass Calculator

New York Explorer PassAn Explorer Pass gets you in to 3, 5, 7 or 10 attractions from a choice of 54.  You don’t have to choose in advance which attractions you intend to visit but you do need to plan ahead to determine how many of the 54 attractions you will be visiting.  Many of the attractions also allow Explorer Pass holders to skip the line, saving you time on your visit.

Below are all of the attractions that are included with a New York Explorer Pass.  Tell us how long you’re going for, the ages of everyone in your party and which attractions you intend to visit and we’ll tell you which Explorer Pass is best for you, whether you would be better off with one of the rival passes or whether it would be cheapest just to buy the tickets separately.

To do a full comparison, including attractions not included with a New York Explorer Pass, click here for my New York Pass Comparison.

Trip Details

Enter the number of consecutive days that you will be using a pass. For example, if you will be visiting the first attraction on Saturday and the last on Tuesday then you would need a pass for 4 consecutive days.
Please include all seniors, adults, students, children and infants that will be travelling.

Person Details

Attractions have different rules for seniors, adults, students, children and infants. Please enter the age this person will be during the trip.
Enter your email address if you would also like the recommendation sent to you. This is not stored and is only used to send the recommendation.

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