Flights booked, hotel confirmed, just the job of planning which New York attractions to see left to do.  It’s now that you step into the complicated world of New York sightseeing attraction passes! By calculating the total cost of visiting your chosen attractions with and without each pass, our online tool will give you a customised quote and recommendation tailored to your exact trip details.

New York Pass Comparison

New York Passes

Click here to check whether the New York Pass, CityPASS or Explorer Pass will save you most on your trip.

Why do I need to use this?

Comparing sightseeing passes yourself isn’t easy.  The best pass will depend on how long you’re going for, which attractions and tours you plan on seeing and how old you are.  You could try to work it out yourself but we’ve built this so that you don’t have to.  Some passes restrict you to only including one of a choice of attractions, and we make sure that the most expensive is the one included.

How does it work?

For each person in your party we calculate how much it would cost if they bought individual tickets at each attraction you would like to visit.  We then calculate how much they would save by buying a sightseeing pass, taking into account the attractions that are included and those that aren’t.