COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

As a result of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 to travel plans, the companies behind the three main New York sightseeing passes have made changes to make their passes more flexible.  The hope is that this will give visitors increased confidence that if their vacation plans change they will not lose out.

New York Pass – All New York Passes are now valid for 2 years, up from 1 year.  This means that if you buy a pass now and your plans change you will still be able to activate your pass, even if you delay your trip by a year.  In addition, if you decide not to travel then you can request a full refund up to 90 days after purchase but your refund will be subject to a $30 processing fee 2 weeks after purchase.

New York CItyPass – Passes activated by February 28th 2021 will be valid for 30 days instead of the usual 9 days.  If you’re making return trips with a month you could use your pass for more than 1 visit.  Unused, unactivated passes will be refunded up to 365 days after purchase.

New York Explorer Pass – Passes can be activated up to 2 years after purchase and are then valid for 60 days after they are first used at an attraction.  From 1st September the refund period has been extended to 90 days; however, if you cancel after 14 days then the refund will be subject to a $30 processing fee.

Please be aware that many attractions are current closed or have restricted opening times so you should check before travelling.

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