London Pass Comparison

London PassThis calculator will tell you whether a London Pass will save you money during your trip to London.  Simply enter the details of who is going, how long you’re going for and the attractions that you plan to visit and it will work out whether an inclusive pass will save you money or whether it is better to buy tickets to the attractions individually.

Important information:

  • The longest London Pass that you can buy is 6 days, so if your stay is longer than that then you will need to make sure that you visit the included attractions within that time.  The calculator will tell you which attractions these are.
  • There is a limit of £90 worth of attractions per day with the London Pass.  The calculator will tell you in the breakdown whether your choices exceed this.

If you plan to visit Blenheim Park during your trip to the UK, Free Blenheim shows you how to enter the park for free without buying a ticket.

Trip Details

Enter the number of consecutive days that you will be using a pass. For example, if you will be visiting the first attraction on Saturday and the last on Tuesday then you would need a pass for 4 consecutive days.
Please include all seniors, adults, students, children and infants that will be travelling.

Person Details

Attractions have different rules for seniors, adults, students, children and infants. Please enter the age this person will be during the trip.

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