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There are two main Paris tourist attraction passes, the Paris Museum Pass and the Paris Pass.  The museum pass is the ‘core’ pass and includes unlimited entry to over 50 museums, galleries and monuments in and around Paris.  The Paris Pass builds on this by also offering admission to an additional 8 attractions, as well as unlimited zone 1-3 travel on the Metro.

To find out which of the passes is best for your trip enter your details below to get a custom recommendation.  Depending on the ages of the members of your party it is possible that one or all of them may be better off buying individual tickets for any attractions that are not free, and if that is the case the results will tell you.

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Enter the number of consecutive days that you will be using a pass. For example, if you will be visiting the first attraction on Saturday and the last on Tuesday then you would need a pass for 4 consecutive days.
A Zone 1-3 Paris Viste pass is convenient but you may save money by buying a carnet of tickets in Paris.
Please include all seniors, adults, students, children and infants that will be travelling.

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