Paris Pass or Paris Museum Pass?

You have a choice of two visitor attraction passes for Paris with confusingly similar names – a Paris Pass or a Paris Museum Pass. As its name suggests, the Paris Museum Pass gives you unlimited access to over 50 museums, galleries and monuments in and around Paris, with passes available for 2, 4 or 6 days. It is the ‘official’ pass, run by the galleries and museums themselves – the intermusées association. Only adult passes are available as entry is free to under 18s (under 26 if they are an EU citizen.)

The Paris Pass is a Paris Museum Pass + 8 additional attractions + unlimited zone 1-3 Metro travel, and is also available for 2, 4 or 6 days. One thing to note is that admission to the Eiffel Tower is not included with either pass and must be purchased separately.

Whether the additional cost of a Paris Pass when compared to the Paris Museum Pass is worth it will depend on whether you will need the unlimited Metro travel and how many of the additional attractions you plan on visiting. It’s very difficult to work out manually so I have built an online tool that will tell you which of the passes is best for your trip, if any. It will give a custom recommendation for each person in your party based on their details, how long you’re going for and which attractions you plan on visiting.  Click here to access my Paris pass comparison tool.

Paris Pass Comparison

Paris Passes

Click here to find out whether the Paris Pass or Paris Museum Pass will save you money on your trip to Paris.